Cancelled this week: Juanita's Gentle Yoga, 4/16, Kathy's Supported Yoga, 4/15, and Chair Yoga, 4/17. Check new offerings like Keri's new class Befriending Your Body, Sandra's new series Rest, Renew, Regenerate, and MORE. And save the dates for Meditation Training & Scott Anderson Oct/Dec workshops!


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Making Peace with Body and Mind

"Hatha yoga teaches us to breathe when things are intense, to soften when we are hard and to strengthen where we are weak. It shows us how to bend and how to be steady, how to aspire and how to accept. We learn discipline, commitment, perseverance, how to study and how to teach. Hidden in the forms of the asanas, the alignment technique and breath control is the opportunity to see our true nature..."

Christina Sell in Yoga from the Inside Out



Yoga is a 5,000-year-old wisdom tradition integrating body, mind, and spirit. It encompasses strengthening and releasing areas of tightness, body and breath awareness, conscious exploration of mental and emotional patterns, deep relaxation and the opportunity for spiritual awareness.

Yoga is a powerful system of cleansing, healing and stress management through muscular release, massaging and toning internal organs, deepening breath, improving posture and circulation, and focusing awareness.

Yoga is an individualized practice and is appropriate for any age and ability. Quality of life is dependent on health, full natural breath, strength and flexibility of body, mind and spirit. Yoga helps us uncover these inherent potentials.